High School Zombies Short Story!

It was the last day of school and Principal Wallace was patrolling the hallways. We’d all been instructed to clean out our lockers before fourth period just before my lunch. He stalked behind us as we emptied our personal effects from our little metal time shares.
“Clear em out!” he demanded. “I want nothing left behind.”
This went on for a few moments until his walkie-talkie squeaked something unintelligible. He ripped it from his belt and spoke directly but quietly back into it. Then his face changed and he was moving.
“Finish up and go to your home rooms.” It was all he said before he faded around the corner.
I paid little attention to him and had my mind on the after school kegger I was throwing this weekend. My folks had some property where my dad took me to hunt, and learn to survive in case of who knows what. Which pretty much was Dad teaching me to be like the crossbow wielding badass on that zombie apocalypse show. It was also where I’d been holding an annual party since freshman year. Tonight I was planning to finally tell Addison how I really felt.
“Mason! Mason!”
I scan the halls to see my buddy Alex tearing through the clusters of gathered social cliques. He is running full speed with wide panicked eyes. He reaches me grasping fistfuls of my shirt.
“Mason… some serious… shit.” He stammers between gasps.
“Easy. What’s going on?” I try calming him. He looks the way he did when he found his brother nearly overdosing.
“We have to get out of here. Now! Something awful is happening in the cafeteria.”
I can hear screams from the direction he came, and I break into a dead sprint for the direction of panic.
“Mason where the hell are you going?!” I hear Alex behind me but I have no time to tell him this is Addison’s lunch period. I sprint into the madness and see a hoard of rabid creatures surrounding a screaming student body. There must be thirty of the things and they have both Addison and Principal Wallace in their sights. Wallace broke out a fire extinguisher and was bludgeoning the things. I looked around and saw the table where graduation tickets were being cut. I tore the bladed handle off the paper cutter and flipped the table on its side, shoving it into the horde as a way to clear a path for the students.
It may have created an escape for Addison and the rest but it put me in the middle of the biting ragers. I let loose with my makeshift machete and split dark melon after splattering dark melon until I was engulfed by the undead horde. Principal Wallace sprayed the extinguisher giving him a chemical cloud cover as he pulled me loose from their undead clutches. He looked at me with calm eyes as he lifted his blunt weapon.
“Didn’t you hear me Mason? I said ‘Clear em out! I want not one left!”


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